Tony A. Boisvert
Principal | Creative

My name is Tony A. Boisvert and welcome to my website.

In 3rd grade, my friend Kendall and I created a comic book called The Adventures of Trash Can Man. It was brilliantly written with detailed illustrations. Better yet, it was full of 
poop and fart jokes.

Although it was a collaboration, Kendall was better at drawing and wrote neater that me. It was a fact that no mother could side step and it frustrated me. But it inspired me to work harder, well, as hard as a 9 year old would work.

I remember the feeling of empowerment and freedom when we talked of starting a comic book then being able to sell them for real money. It‘s the feeling I still get when I work on projects that help other people and in return build the company I call Boisvert Design.

This site is dedicated to Kendall…
wherever you are.

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