Davenport University – Gerald R. Ford Memorial Scholarship

Davenport University is one of few schools in the nation granted permission to convey a Ford scholarship, which is described as a fitting tribute to the presidential legacy and a lifelong mark of distinction for the student recipient. 

The scholarship is presented annually to a highly distinguished student, enrolling full time as a freshman and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business on the Grand Rapids campus of Davenport University.

I was given the opportunity to develop the identity. Deliverables included logo, brochure, newspaper ad, airport billboard and Award design.

Here is another project that gets me motivated because of the tertiary benefit. What’s that mean? Initially, the client benefits from my illustrations by reproducing them, selling them or generating interest while I am able to keep my family fed with poptarts and kool-aid. The Tertiary benefit in this situation happens when a motivated freshman’s financial burden is lightened while they go to college. They go on to become a high functioning member of society and pay for my social security benefits when I am old and wrinkly.